Cabin Fever

So here I am currently sitting on my couch enjoying a glass of prosecco ready to go a bit crazy, not sure about anyone else but when I have been in the house all day I get major cabin fever. Yesterday I was sent home early from work then this morning I spent over 45 mins trying to get my car out the street which was a serious fail to then being stuck in the house all day because of the snow is not fun. I love the snow especially if Im cosied up in my house but that feeling lasts around a night until you have to try and get on with normal life. I surely can't be the only one? so the only thing that seems be getting me through this night is some prosecco and online shopping for my holiday which is only 17 days away- I swear I'm not counting. Anyway back to the reason you are all reading this post this whole outfit I got for christmas my mum bought me this amazing coat which I wear most days its literally the heaviest and warmest jacket I have ever had and also it looks so nice. I paired it with my oversized jumper dress which I also got for christmas and my over the knee boots that I have had for a couple of years. I love this outfit for one its all grey and secondly since we don't have nice weather and I took these a couple of weeks ago the outfit still looks nice but is warm and practical as well.
Hope you love this outfit as much as me and heres hoping the snow disappears this weekend and I can get some more outfit posts taken.

Much love lara x

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit!

  2. Love your boots! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)


  3. Great post. Keep up good work. Good luck Share on Facebook.

    Good job. :D


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