I had taken these pictures a couple of weeks ago and if I'm honest had completely forgot to post them but I decided what better way to end January than a little snowy outfit picture to hopefully end the cold winter weather we have been having. I for one love the snow to look at and it looks lovely in pictures but enough is enough I need some sunshine in my life. I ordered this coat and top from a new website that I have recently came across called LOTD (look of the day) which I must say is amazing, I have previously posted before other outfits I have bought from here which I will tag just now - White christmas. The website is super cheap and affordable and all the clothes are completely on trend I have bought quite a lot from it and can 100% recommend them. Blogging can be a seriously expensive hobby so I love when I come across affordable websites that literally have styles for everyone. Hope you like this outfit let me know in the comment box below

P.s can you see how much fun I had on that swing lol never too old

Much Love Lara x

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