Iceland part 2

To think this time last week I was travelling to Iceland and now I am currently sitting on my couch eating cheese & broccoli pasta watching Teen Mom OG is pretty depressing but I thought I would let you know what other things we got up to when we were away for the weekend.

We booked all our excursions through our hotel when we got there so when we booked the Golden circle we booked a ticket that got us to both the Golden Circle and the Northern Lights we were picked up by coach at 08:30pm and taken around a 40 minute drive out of town to the top of a hill where there wasn't any street lights. We arrived just after 9 to what felt like a dirt track in the middle of nowhere with a small coffee shop beside it. On the bus there our guide spoke a little about the Northern Lights what caused them, what colours were rare to see and also how to set up some cameras and what apps to download so you are able to take pictures of the lights to see them clearly so of course the better your camera the better pictures you will get (which I didn't have) our guide was also forever telling us it would be a 50/50 chance of seeing the lights as its never guaranteed basically its just your luck. We stood around for about an hour looking at what looked like a white cloud which was seemingly the start of it. If I'm honest I wasn't impressed so we went into the coffee shop where we got a hot drink and some chocolate we sat there for around an hour or more while waiting for the lights to come out. There was a lot of waiting about but just as we were getting ready to go on the bus just before midnight the lights finally came out and it looked amazing I managed to get a few good pictures but others were just blurred green lights in the sky we also were able to see red and purple lights which we were told was rare so it was pretty amazing to be able to tick this off the bucket list.

Overall I would recommend the northern lights however it was probably my least favourite excursion there was a lot of waiting about and for the majority of the night you pretty much spent it looking at what looked like a cloud in the sky. I may sound negative but its a lot of money and I also wasn't too happy about the fact you had to download apps or have a good camera on certain settings to be able to photograph the lights maybe I was a little naive but I expected to see the sky pretty much lit up bright green. Ofcourse you could see the lights moving around the sky which was pretty cool but i think I just expected it to be better than it was.

Have you been to the Northern Lights before what was your experience like? 

Much love Lara x

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