Iceland- Part 1

Hi everyone and Happy New Year, Yes it’s 19days late or probably more by the time I actually post this but what better way to start the year than sitting on a coach in Iceland having just seen The Golden Circle tour which was unbelievable. This is my first Europe city break and it has only been my first day here but it hasn’t disappointed I have been dying to go here for years and see all the typical ‘blue lagoon’ and ‘Northern lights’  tour but Mark is definitely a sun worshiper so trying to convince him it would be amazing has took some time. My birthday was at the start of January and Mark decided to surprise me by booking 4nights in Reykjavík, yes Ofcourse I cried when I found out and I still can’t believe I’m actually here.  We are staying in the Hilton Nordic hotel which is around a 20minute walk from the City centre. I will put another post telling you everything about the hotel but for now let’s talk about The Golden Circle which If I’m honest wasn’t something I was interested in at first but after some research online before we arrived I thought it would be something different and amazing to see, So today (Friday the 19th of January) we were picked up by coach at 10:00am outside our hotel and taken to our first stop which was the Pingvellir National Park which In The words of Mark is ‘the nicest thing he has ever seen’ so yes everyone it must be pretty good. We got  to spend about 30minutes here taking in the most amazing views and ofcourse an opportunity to take around 100 pictures. This is also where the American and European continents drift apart according to our guide the plates separate around 2cm each year. Our guides name was Daisy and she was amazing any questions we had she would be able to help and also told us so much about the country while on the bus travelling to each attraction.

Next up we visited Geysir Geothermal which is an area of hot springs, Geysir is known as the grandfather as the spring is no longer active however we were able to see another hot spring which is known as Strokkur which erupts every 5-7 minutes which is so cool to see. The spring shoots up to around 15-20 metres into the air and is around 125 degrees. Beside the springs there is a small shopping area and places to get food but of course its Iceland so costs a fortune.

Finally we headed to the Gullfoss waterfall which was the most prettiest thing ever but also the coldest place probably in the world as you can imagine. The waterfall is one of the most famous in Iceland which I can understand why- it looks incredible. There is two ways to see the waterfall either down lots of steps so you are eye level to the waterfall which was genuinely freezing I couldn't feel my hands or my face but managed to get some amazing pictures so it was worth it. The other way is to walk along the bridge which means you are above the waterfall which was great to see the view of everything around the waterfall. Out of all the excursions we went to in Iceland I would say this was my favourite and even though when you go to Iceland you expect it to be covered in snow/ice I was actually taken aback with the views and how stunning the place was it genuinely felt like you were on the moon.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the first part of my trip would love to know if any of my readers have been to Iceland and what excursions you did when you were there? I will be posting again on Thursday telling you about my trips to the Northern Lights and Blue lagoon See you then,

Much love Lara x


  1. such a Beautiful snow wonder land looks!! i love the ice-land, like the photography and Your jacket is amazing!
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  2. Iceland looks incredible! Must be cold! Also loving your pink jacket!

    Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com

  3. Super nice place, very inspired

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  4. Great inspirations :)



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