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When people ask me why I got into blogging I remember it must be about 8 years ago or longer staying at my mums and every night I would sit on my laptop searching 'cheap fashionable clothes' or 'bargain clothes' searching for anything I could buy on my £30 ema weekly budget that we got for going to school sad I know but going out at the weekend with your new £4 top felt amazing. After a lot of searching and a lot of blogs I came across Kavita on She wears fashion I was literally obsessed, I would literally check her blog daily to see if she had uploaded any outfits. What I loved most about this blog was she bought most of her things from eBay for super cheap and would always have the direct link to what she bought so people like me could buy the same item with only a few clicks. Dangerous territory I know! but it was so cheap for the items which is what I loved and still love to this day, If I see a blogger shopping on eBay I literally become obsessed with their blog I'm not saying I love everything they buy but so many have became experts finding on trend pieces for literally a couple of pounds. Another thing I loved was the quality of the pictures and there wasn't much reading to do either. Which is what I have kind of went for when I blog Im not the greatest writer so why bore people trying to ramble on to explain the outfit when the pictures show you everything. If I'm honest nowadays I don't tend to follow 'Shewearsfashion' because after a couple of years the blog was more travel and now when there is fashion posts it tends to be things that aren't my style or high end which isn't me for 1- I can't afford it and 2- I'm not willing to pay £300 for a dress when I could fill my wardrobe with that money. Don't get me wrong there is blogs I follow nowadays that do post a lot of high end but I may follow them for their makeup tips, homeware, lifestyle etc.
With that said I thought it was time to share the blogs/ youtubers I follow and what it is I love about them.

So my number 1 blog that I am obsessed with has to be www.thatpommiegirl.com I mean really can this girl do wrong her pictures are incredible and so are her outfits. Sarah's fashion is pretty much fling something on and for it to look good which I love. Her looks are super relaxed and effortless and she also shops mainly high street which means its available for everyone. Sarah also has a youtube channel -thatpommiegirl she slays at makeup!!

Next up is www.ejstyle.co.uk I first found Emma's blog through instagram her pictures are amazing and again what attracted me to her blog was she shopped a lot on Romwe which for people who don't know is a cheap online clothing website so when the clothes arrived she would do a try on and outfit example on her Instagram story which I loved again most of her clothes were high street and affordable. Its all about the money when you have your own house lol. Emma has since started a youtube channel- EJSTYLEblog which I love its not only fashion but her vlogs to America and her life. 

Next up is http://lydiaelisemillen.com her blog and youtube channel- Lydiaelisemillen is just on a different level. All the content on both platforms are both high quality and consistent there is beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and most recently she is planning for her wedding next month which I have been obsessed with some of the wedding dresses she has tried on are stunning. If I'm honest I spend most of my time on youtube these days following daily vlogs rather than reading the blogs but both are amazing.

Next up a blog I check quite a lot is https://cairooneill.com who is a Glasgow blogger but she is literally the Ebay queen a lot of the outfits she posts on Instagram are from Ebay or sites similar which I love then she will direct link them onto her blog so we can shop the looks. 

Finally this isn't a blog but Its a youtube channel imogen (its called Imogenation) but auto correct keeps changing it and I think I may have a melt down if I try and change it again. I genuinely think this girl is the nicest blogger/youtuber you would probably meet she posts 3x a week and I watch them all they vary all the time but what I love the most is how genuine she is and her videos are literally hilarious with her family. 100% my favourite youtuber!!

Hope I haven't rambled on too much and hopefully you love these blogs/ youtubes as much as me if I do half as well as these bloggers then Ill be happy I just need to work hard and consistency is key. Let me know if you have any favourite bloggers that you recommend I would love to find new ones to follow.

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