Gingham bargain

Keeping up with the ever changing trends and styles can be expensive especially when everyone has bills to pay so nothing beats finding a little bargain online and my go to is usually always eBay.
 I love eBay especially for holiday clothes as I love to have new things to go away with and don't want to spend a fortune on. Another reason I love it is about 90% of the things you can buy online at other websites you can get on eBay for a fraction of the price.
Gingham has been a huge trend over the last couple of months and its usually a style that comes back year in year out so this little flare bottom dress is perfect for the summer which in scotland we don't see very often lol, as you go through these pictures my hair gets flatter and flatter thanks to the downpour that happened the second we started taking pictures. This dress can also be perfect for the winter pair with some thick tights, boots and a leather jacket and you have yourself the perfect little versatile dress!! Ordering on eBay can for some people be a hit or a miss I have had my fair share of things that don't even look at me or even better the ones that are meant to be a dress but end up a crop top and they end up sitting in the bottom of a drawer until my next clear out and they go straight to charity shop as its too much effort to send it back! Lazy I know but it would probably cost me more to return it than what I paid for it. If I have any tips for anyone thinking of ordering off eBay it would be always size up or check the measurement guide like seriously a Medium is never a medium of course this completely varies with what your buying so I do recommend getting the measuring tape out best to be safe than sorry its not a bargain if it ends up sitting in your bottom drawer. (I really should take my own advice)
I hope you all love this dress as much as me I still can't get over its only £9.99 including postage and arrived within a couple of days what else could you want, can't wait to share my next bargain buy with you all,

 Much love Lara x

Bag- Primark
Trainers- Converse

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