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So at the start of October I was in Tenerife which was amazing it was the first time going on holiday with all my family which was so much fun! It was good to get away and kind of leave life back at home for a while as everything has been pretty hectic the last few months. The weather was amazing according to the residents it was the hottest October they have had in years, I never took as many pictures as I would of liked but this orange dress I have worn once before and I love it I feel the black neck straps are super flattering however I did have to end up changing before actually going out out as it ripped just above my bum and I still thank the one wee old woman that told me before something worse happened lol!! My internet hasn't been working so I havent been able to post these earlier but I have a few different looks that I can't wait to post!


  1. What a beautiful place,amazing !
    The dress looks great on you :*


    1. aww thank you it was amazing!! missing it already x

  2. you look so classy!
    kisses from Italy

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love that dress!


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