Pebble beach

I loved this kaftan as soon as I seen it I just new I had to get it even if the only size left was 3 sizes bigger the colour is amazing and bright and of course it is super light and perfect for when its roasting. I wore this when Myself, Mark and Nyall decided to hire the little electric scooters to get around which were so much fun. Unbeknown to us you weren't allowed along the prom or on the beach which meant after managing to get from Costa adeje, las americas we then got stopped by the police in Los cristanos and were extremely lucky to not get a fine which we later found out would of been £1500 which is just crazy. It was so good to get around the island and see parts that you would never have seen before and we stopped off at this little beach which had loads of pebbles piled on one another which was perfect to take pictures.

Sunglasses and bikini- Ebay

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