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Ok, so it's been a while since my last blog post in all honesty I just lost interest with it for a while. I wasn't happy with how my pictures were looking, I wasn't happy with my style so I felt there was no point just blogging for the sake of it when I wasn't excited with the outcome. So after a few weeks away and having ordered more clothes I feel motivated to start again and enjoy it like before!
My wardrobe plan from now on is to buy all neutral colours I seem to love all the khaki, tan and black clothes around at the moment so my aim is to buy different styles of skirt and tops etc that all work together rather than buying a patterned dress that I don't like as soon as it hangs in my wardrobe. I mean don't get me wrong of course I will still buy the bright jumpsuit or dress that I like but overall I want clothes that compliment each other rather than loads of clothes that you can't style together. Yes of course it will take time as bills have to be paid and mouths have to be fed but I'm on my way to starting afresh and I look forward to featuring everything I buy on my blog for you all to see!

This outfit I wore is pretty basic as you can see it's all black but I was able to pull it together with some new buys and older things I had from before, I felt strange at first as I am not used to dressing like this but I loved the outcome and I think the SnapBack will be making many returns! 

Would love to know what you think of this look, leave a comment below!

Hat- H&M
Duster jacket- Topshop
Black skirt- Pretty little thing
Black crop top- Primark (Similar here)
Adidas Trainers- Jd sports



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