Strange Lane look 3

This dress isn't something I would usually wear however I was sent this from the lovely Kelsie at Strange Lane. I have been hoping to photograph this for too long but anyone that stays in scotland will know how terrible the weather has been like literally its meant to be June and today is the first day it has actually been sunny and dry all day!! which is amazing however I didn't realise how pale I was until looking at these pictures haha!! will definitely be applying tan tonight. This post feels completely different to me for one this is the first pair of converse I have ever owned I think I told myself I would never buy them but I seen an outfit post on instagram and just had to get them. I also had alot of fun shooting this with mark all i did was laugh I feel this outfit is very playful and great for the summer. Excuse the massive bruise on my leg haha I dropped the dishwasher door on my leg at work!! Its been there for about 2 weeks now, How annoying!!!

Converse- Office
Dress- Strange lane


  1. This is a great look . I love all the photos :) http://bauchlefashion.com

  2. nice pics =)
    kiss from Italy

  3. Just the sort of simple dress I would wear all the time - I love it! Never bought anything from strange lane though Gisforgingers xx


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