Park days

So yesterday was the first day it was actually sunny but also warm!! this made me super excited and all I wanted to do was hang a washing out and be outside. I don't get to see my boyfriend as much I like as we are both working all the time so Saturdays are usually the day we spend together. To begin with I was dragged to the bookies to put a football coupon on, of course I never won but he did, What happened to beginners luck? I then decided to make him walk around the park and turn him into my personal photographer. I have been wanting someone to take my pictures for ages because I haven't been happy with my pictures lately. Trying to get close ups or clear photographs is harder than you would think, especially using a tripod, However I didn't think he would have a clue what to do!! Yet he pleasantly surprised me especially for the first time doing it! Seen as we were in the park and the sun was out we just had to wait in the queue for 15minutes to get ice cream! I had such a lovely day and have made him promise to take my pictures atleast once a week lol!

On to what I'm wearing now! I bought this jumper/dress just before christmas and I love it! It goes down to my ankle with a side split at each side. Not only is it perfect for winter paired with tights, chunky boots and a jacket you can switch it up for a scottish summers day which isn't the warmest and pair it with a hat and some birkenstocks. Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the first sunniest day of the year. Heres hoping its not back to rain tomorrow!!

Dress & hat- H&M
Birkenstocks even though you can't see them- Primark


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    1. Thank you!! I know boyfriends come in handy sometimes lol xx

  2. I love your outfit (: The hat is gorgeous, I think I may have to pick one up (: xx

  3. Thank you! I know the hat is amazing it literally hasn't left my head! Xx


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