DIY- Crop top

Recently Ive done a lot of thinking about what sort of content I want to have on my blog and I have decided along with my outfit posts I will do some diy posts and also some easy and simple dress making techniques.

Diy and upholstery has became a massive craze over the past couple of years and I have always been really intrigued with this sort of thing as I find it fun being creative. There is literally a thousand ideas that you can do wether it be fashion or for your home using things you find no longer useful. My only advice for this sort of thing is be open minded, if it doesn't work the first time just try again. There is no right or wrong when you make things for yourself.

Having said all that my first DIY is super simple. Converting a pair of tights into a cute crop top.

What you will need:

1 pair of fabric scissors
1 measuring tape
1 pair of tights

This genuinely is a super quick process, to begin with lay the tights out on a flat surface. To get an accurate sleeve length measure from the shoulder to the wrist or wherever you would like your sleeve to end. You don't have to do this you can just cut wherever you think will be long enough, repeat for both arms and cut off excesss.

The next and final step is the neckline, lay the tights again on a flat surface and using your scissors cut a small half circle shape, this part can be varied to which ever you prefer wether it be a deep plunge neckline or square neckline. Which ever you decide my only advice would be cut small first as you can always cut more but if you cut too much then there is no going back.

2 simple and quick steps and you have a new cute crop top, you can choose whatever colour of tights or design you like. I would love to see how your top turns out if you decide to try this diy out so don't forget to tag me;

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As you can see from my final pictures I chose to wear a crop top underneath as the denier was rather light, If i was to make it again I would use a really thick pair of tights, But I am happy about how it turned out.

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY and i can't wait to show you some more of my ideas, If there is anything you would love to make but not sure how just drop me a comment and I will do my best to show you how, If i don't know I will be sure to find out.


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