50 shades

When I see this outfit, I don't know why but it makes me think of 50 shades of grey! Maybe because its all everyone has been talking about for the past month or mabye I am just going a little mad. A lot of what I wear on my blog are things I have had for a long time and I just like to dress them differently to show versatility. Im also not one of the lucky ones that can buy a completely new wardrobe every new trend, so a lot of the time I just make do with what I have got which I'm sure is the case with most people. So having said that the only new thing I'm wearing is my boots of course other than that everything else I have probably had for over a year. I have wore this skirt numerous times because every time I have been able to make it look completely different. For this occasion I paired it with a trusty cream jumper; that I also have in black, blue and pink!! Probably not necessary but hey I like to have options. To finish the look off I added my fur gilet, oversized hat and my number 1 favourite (my boots)!!!

Skirt- River Island
Fur gilet- New look
Boots- Public desire

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