Finding the perfect match

I've never really been one to spend a lot of money on make-up I was always the girl that would spend my every last penny on clothes. However saying that I was never content on how my make-up looked. For one I would be lucky if it lasted a few hours never mind a whole day then one day it would make my skin really dry then very oily the next. I could never really complain though as I was only paying around £6 sometimes as cheap as £3 when on offer. Recently there has been a huge hype on makeup from getting the perfect cat-flick liner, the shape on your eyebrows and the one everyone is after is whats the secret to Kylie Jenners massive lips!! fillers or just the magic of lip liner and a good lipstick I doubt we will ever know. When deciding what foundation to try first I asked around friends and family however all had different ideas and specifications of what they wanted when looking for the perfect match. Brands varying from the ever so popular MAC, Bare minerals and Benefit which all are very different. I guess my only option would be to try out all the foundations myself and then decide what worked best for me.

I had mentioned in another blog post that I had bought Urban Decay Naked skin shade 5 which I loved but would not recommend the foundation as an everyday foundation as it can feel quite heavy on your skin. It gave great coverage when applied with the optical blurring brush which also enabled you to build on how heavy or light you like your foundation to be. I wore this foundation for a couple of weeks but still wasn't content. On to the next beauty stand I went.

Next in line was Bareminerals, I was a bit dubious at first to use this as it is in powder form rather than liquid and to have skin that goes dry rather fast I thought this would just go patchy but I couldn't be more happier with how this product goes on and lasts. My mum bought me the starter pack for £50 which contains;

Your choice of bareMinerals Foundation
Prime Time Foundation Primer, size: 15ml
Original Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, size: 2g
Warmth All-Over Face Color, size: 1.5g
Full Flawless Face Brush
Flawless Application Face Brush
Maximum coverage concealer brush

I would definitely advice getting the starter kit if you are interested in trying this make-up as it provides you with all the key items you need and is such a bargain because for the brushes alone the prices range from £13.50- £25.00. The foundation feels so light on your skin you genuinely don't feel like you are wearing it at all. Even my boyfriend who never notices my make-up or always just tells me I look lovely probably to keep me happy told me I look very natural and doesn't look like I'm wearing make-up. In his words it looks so much nicer. So I am happy about that. I think I have finally found the foundation that is perfect for me and does everything I want and need. Although I won't be giving up on my Urban Decay foundation just yet especially for those nights out when we are looking for a little more coverage and a foundation to match my fake tan.

Have you got any makeup or foundations that you couldn't live without would love to hear from you?

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  1. Wow your skin looks amazing! I hate heavy foundations for daytime, I think they make skin look worse really! I have gone from MAC to E.L.F foundation, a switch I am really happy with. ELF's feels basically the same to me, is waaay cheaper and is totally cruelty free with no animal testing! Would defo recommend.
    Sarah-Jane xo // http://www.vmgirl.me/

  2. Aww thank you!! I shall definitely check it out and let you know how i get on. I love trying out new products xx


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