Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb has always been my go to perfume. The perfume was a 'worldwide success' so when they introduced their new fragrance Bon Bon I was intrigued to see how it would measure up to my expectations. The smell for one is amazing it is like a burst of candy. The fragrance comes in a pink bottle shaped like a wrapped sweetie. The key smell from the perfume is caramel but surrounded by scents of oranges, peach and mandarins. Then hints of orange blossom, Jasmine, cedar, quaiac wood, sandalwood and amber. The perfume is a very sweet smell at first but then tones down to give of the fruity smell of orange, jasmine and mandarin which gives a long lasting scent to last throughout the day. The perfume is on the rather expensive side so I was lucky enough to be bought this as a christmas present off my aunt. I am in love with the everything about this perfume from the campaign photo to the packaging and perfume bottle.

I would love to know what you think of this perfume and what has been your favourite perfume you were bought at christmas? leave your comments below.



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