Charity steal

This week I went my rounds of the charity shop and managed to pick this grey polo neck jumper and cream leather jacket for £6!!  can you believe that? Everytime I go to the charity shops I keep an eye out for any good quality coats or duster jackets but when I first saw this jacket I thought oh god that will be horrible on but I took it into the changing room alongside 6 other jackets and it turned out it was the only one I loved. I was in the West end today visiting a vintage shop to pick out some things that I will be styling in a project coming up! Keep your eyes peeled. So while i was there i thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to get some blog photos at a new location and decided Kelvingrove Art Gallery would be great. I love how the photos came out and will definately be going back to take photos again.

Jacket and jumper- Charity shop
hat- home bargains
shoes- new look
skirt- zara

                                                  Wheres your favourite place to take blog photos in
                                                                           or around Glasgow?

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