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 This weekend myself, my mum, Sophie and my aunts stayed in the Thistle Hotel in glasgow to celebrate my aunt turning 50!! It was such a great weekend all we did was laugh. We started the day by opening the champagne literally as soon as we checked into our room there after we all headed to debenhams as my aunt Caroline was being treated to a personal shopper and we decided to all get our make-up done. This was the first time I had ever had my make-up done by someone else originally I had wanted to go to the mac counter as I was interested to see what all the fuss was about as I dont tend to spend alot of money on make-up, however, there wasn't one. We took a look around the counters and I was instantly attracted to the Urban Decay counter the girls make-up who worked there was amazing!! literally looked flawless.

There was 2 options you could go for either just get your eye make-up done for free but you have to spend atleast £20 on products or you could get your full face for free but you have to spend £30 on products. I decided to go with the full face. I asked to get a smokey eye but using golds and brown tones and a nude lip. I always think it looks better if you do either a bold eye or bold lip rather than both as sometimes it can look too much. I naturally am very pale so when I go out I tend to wear fake tan so I was a bit hesitant as to what products to buy as the foundation would of been matched to me wearing fake tan rather than my natural skin tone. When the girl had finished my make-up I was a little unsure of how it looked at first as I dont tend to wear alot of makeup usually just a bit of mascara and foundation whereas I had nearly every product they sell on my face but after a while I loved it!! My skin literally looked flawless and barely felt like I had foundation on which was amazing.


    Once we were all done we went for a bit of lunch then hit the shops I managed to pick a few things up                                                       from primark which I have had my eye on for ages.

The faux fur jacket is my favourite I love the mix of colours throughout the jacket and it is super warm.

In the end I decided to buy the foundation and the brush to apply the foundation which came to £47 which may seem alot but it should last me ages as I dont tend to wear fake tan often so it will be used for occasions more than anything else.Thereafter, we headed back to the hotel and then went out for dinner and drinks then the following day spent the morning enjoying the sauna, spa and swimming pool. It was a perfect weekend and can't wait until the next time, hopefully sooner rather than later. I apologize for the photos of my makeup as they are not of great quality but I didnt take my camera so only had my phone to take them and the lighting wasn't the best in the hotel.

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