Racer stripe

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week guys my laptop hasn't been working so I have had these saved for a few days and not able to upload them!! It was super windy the other day when I decided to take these as you can probably tell from the crazy hair and my cardigan. This skirt has to be one of my favourites as it is super comfy and I love the stripes down the side, I bought it as a co-ordinate but decided to change it up and wear a laid back racer vest with it that also had the stripes around the neck. Ideally I would of liked to pair this outfit with a black duster coat but unfortunately I havent got one YET!!! so I just used the next best thing which was my long oversized cardigan and finally I just paired it with a simple black strap heel which I love the look of.

Skirt- Topshop
top- Primark
Cardigan- River island
Shoes- New look


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  1. Love it Lara, you genuinely look like a model! The pics are so professional looking! x


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