Oversized Shawl



 I bought this shawl last year and have only worn it a couple of times as I didn't feel comfortable in it! In my personal opinion I think they can be very unflattering as they are so oversized and the excess fabric doesnt hang in the right places. When I first bought it I did the typical thing of adding a small thin belt around my waist, however I still didnt like how it sat on me. One of my favourite stylists is Gok Wan I geniunely love how he can make any woman with any figure look amazing and after watching him on This Morning It gave me the urge to pull my shawl out from under my bed and style it just once more this time with a big belt but only the front leaving the back loose. His advice couldnt get any better! finally I love how it sits while it pulls me in at my waist it still falls around the arms and my back which I love. I paired it with a polo neck jumper, some ripped skinny jeans and my black leather biker boots.

                                      Whats your opinion on the oversized shawls?                                                                                                            I would love to know how you would style it.

Shawl- H&M
Polo neck jumper and belt - Primark
Skinny Jeans- River Island
Boots- Fashion Union
Oversized Bag- Zara


  1. Oh wow, you look fantastic! The boots are gorgeous!


    1. Aww thank you! Had them for a while now super comfy!x


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