Finally my favourite time of the year!! I'm so happy it's finally October! Halloween, bonfire night then Christmas! The lead up to Christmas is so exciting, as much as I love this season so much it has became super cold already! However The trends that come out in these months are the best- fur coats, knee high boots, hats, scarves and everything else that goes in that category are the styles I love the most.

My aim for this month is to try get a green fur coat at a reasonable price! Harder than you would think, believe me. I got this fur coat last year and went completely off it not long after I bought it however that changed a few weeks ago when I told myself to just try it on and see how I feel about it now I'm so glad I did as I want to wear it all the time.
I paired the jacket with a denim dress I got from topshop a while back but struggle to find things to wear with a brown bag and Chelsea boots.

Jacket- Matalan
Dress- Topshop
Bag and shoes- primark

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Lara . . xo



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