Leather dungarees!

Hello everyone!! College work has officially taken over my life it's so horrible haha, so I have vowed to do a post every week to make my blog more consistent until i have more time!

so ever since I have moved I have been shopping so much! Pretty much most days, I actually got a fright when I checked my bank balance! I'm not really one for shopping in topshop as in my opinion it is overpriced however I seen these dungarees in the shop window and fell in love straight away, the fact they were leather just made them perfect, as much as I wanted them I told myself they weren't worth the money however i tried them on and just couldn't leave the shop without them! 
They are super comfy, I bought in a bigger size so it was a little baggier, I paired it with a shirt and heels for a night out. However u could wear it with pretty much anything from a shirt to a casual tshirt and statement jewellery.

Dungarees- topshop
Shirt- primark
Necklace- eBay
Shoes- garage

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Lara . . xo

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