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Hi everyone!

Been very busy the past 2 weeks got a flat new car and been away in Glasgow so not had time to blog but I'm so excited about the next few months! Finally moving from the island i genuinely cannot contain my excitement. 

       Last weekend I went to a baby shower and wasn't sure of what to expect as its more an American thing, but it was so funny. We played a number of games such as spit the dummy, drinking games from a baby bottle, guess whats in the nappy and loads more. I wanted to wear something that was quite summery as it was an outside party but typical Scottish weather it was raining!

        I bought this pinafore before going on holiday and just wore it with a vest and sandals on holiday but for obvious reasons that's not something I could where we live so I paired it with tights and a white shirt which had gold collar tips and my ankle boots. If you have read my previous blog posts you would see I'm a regular visitor to the blog she wears fashion which is where I originally seen this shirt and had to go straight on line and buy it. 

       I apologise for my pictures as they are never of great quality but my camera is broke therefore I have to use my phone but I'm planning on getting a good camera once I save up some money just need to find the perfect one!

Pinafore- new look
Shirt- eBay
Boots- new look

     Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed it don't forget to follow my blog if you like it and share it.

Lara . . xo


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